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    Hi Vasanthraj, Were you able to find out how to encrypt an excel file with Blue Prism? Thanks, Adrian
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    how to Update sql table from collection data in one go?

    @SaJ, Do you know if a collection with multiple rows and columns can be written to an excel file via OLEDB? Thanks, Adrian
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    Old format or invalid type library. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80028019 (TYPE_E_UNSUPFORMAT))

    Hello, We are also seeing the same issue. Has anyone found a fix yet? Thank you, Adrian
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    SysFader: IE Error

    Hey RPA family, I have an issue that has my RPA team stumped. We are running a process in production that uses 2 applications. One application uses Chrome and the other application uses IE. When the process goes from Chrome to IE we receive a SysFader error (See screenshot below). Has anyone...
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    Database Connection Issues

    @Colin McNicholas Update: My IT team was able to resolve the issue by resetting the server. Hope this helps.
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    Database Connection Issues

    @Colin McNicholas My team is receiving the same error but it appears to only impact our development server - We have not found a solution, yet. Did you recently upgrade to BP V 6.2?
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    Solved Queue Deferring and Management

    @anisjolly , you can mark this issue as resolved. While waiting for a response to my original post, I spoke with a Blue Prism rep. They confirmed @VJR 's response as well as provided a support doc (called: Date and Time Handling) that speaks to best practices for the version of BP you are...
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    Solved Queue Deferring and Management

    Hi folks, I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around deferring items in a queue and looking for some guidance. Currently, I am loading a class schedule to a work queue. My process then looks at each class to see if the class has started or not (complete or exception). However, if the...