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    Extracting company name from e-mail

    Ah! my bad! i got the parenthesis wrongly placed. This should work- (?<cmpName>(?<=@)[\w.]+)
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    Extracting company name from e-mail

    Try this... (?<=@)[\w.]+)
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    Extracting company name from e-mail

    Regex can be used to get the Company name from the email address. Here is the regex- (?<=@)[^.]+(?=\.) Check for the threads on how to use the Regex and replace the regex pattern with the above expression. Post back how it goes!
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    How to Integrate HP ALM with Blue Prsim

    The other way is to use APIs to create Jira issue using HTTP VBO.
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    How to insert excel spreadsheet in Word document

    A begin with... you can approach the problem statement by recording a Word Macro and customize it to BP - Sub Macro1() Selection.InlineShapes.AddOLEObject ClassType:="Excel.Sheet.12", FileName _ :="C:\Test.xlsx", LinkToFile _ :=False, DisplayAsIcon:=True, IconFileName:= _...
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    Data in the data Item search

    You can rely on regex. Give an example string for precise answer.
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    Removing space's from a string of text with a paragraph

    You can try this Replace([Details Read - New], NewLine(), "") , this will replace the newline
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    How to Manipulate Date

    Ah! missed it completely, you should have asked question in a straight way. This expression should help- FormatDate(AddDays(Today(), 6), "dd-MMM-yyyy")
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    How to Manipulate Date

    Try expression FormatDate(Today(), "dd-MMM-yyyy")
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    How to use wildcard or like command in decision stage

    Try expression Instr([Attachments], ".pdf"). InStr() returns the position of the .pdf it finds in [Attachments] data item, else it returns 0.
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    Filter collection

    If the DataItem1 is text type add single quotes, I missed that point. Like below- "Name ='"&[DataItem1]&"' AND Age="&[DataItem2]&"
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    How to insert data in sql server by using code stage in Blue Prism, Can anyone help me in this please?

    Looking at the code snippet, you also have to pass Server and Database names as inputs. Have you? Also, change the input parameter name, InputData to DataCollection. @naveedraza can you share more details of your code usage?
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    Extract regex value - Lower and Upper Results

    Good to know!
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    Filter collection

    While applying filter, you have to use the field names and not Collection name dot field name. If Name and Age are the fields of collection, you can use "Name ="&[DataItem1]&"AND Age="&[DataItem2]&". If you have the values to compare Name and Age in data items DataItem1 and DataItem2...