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    Filter a collection with multiple values .

    Hello manzur, You can use the Filter Collection action with the syntax: "[ColumnName] LIKE ' filter_value1' OR 'filter_value2' OR 'filter_value3'"
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    Attach to User Account Control Window

    Hello Timsy01, You need to have a separate object to attach to this UAC window. This new object should be configured (Application Modeller) to Attach to a running instance. Then, configure the Window Name and use the attach as before and you should be able to do it.
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    Excel VBO

    Hello, Sure, you just need to use the action 'Save Workbook As' and in the Filename use the function "Today()"
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    Matching different elements in Application Modeller

    Hello rynh, Sure, you can use the Read Stage and read the desired attribute for the first element and then use it as Input for the second element.
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    Get files from subfolders containing specific name in collection

    Hello, You can use Filter Collection, to get only the desired Subfolders, then Loop every Sub Subfolder to find the next ones, and so on.. To filter just use the 'Filter Collection' action from Collection Manipulation with the following expression: "ColumnName LIKE 'NameToFilter*' "
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    Intervals between tasks

    Hello rpamazz, After BP 6.3 you have the option Post Completions Delay, which does exactly what you need, I strongly recommend you to update, since BP is already in the version 6.6 and there's a lot of new features and bugs fixed since 6.2.
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    FormatDate function requires 2 arguments of types: (date,text)

    Hello kidest, The problem is that the first argument should be in the format date (or a text which can be converted to date). A valid date is determined by the format of your computer system. I believe you have the format MM/dd/YYYY or YYYY/MM/dd and your data item is in the format dd/MM/YYYY...
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    Start time and end time

    Helo Naresh173, The start time is setup in the Control Room - Schedule. The end time should be a session variable (input in your process) and, if you're using the BP template, you just need to adjust the data item 'Stop after time' for 10 AM.
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    Adding Rows to Collection

    You have the 10 rows in a collection. You just need to use the action 'Append Rows to Collection', where your 'Collection to Append' is the collection with the 10 rows, your Main Collection is the...main collection and Output also the Main Collection or a new one.
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    Passing arguments dynamically to the Start Process.

    Hello manzur, You want to execute the batch file with multiple dynamic Arguments which are the file names, right? You need first to concatenate all the filenames in one Data Item (Text). To achieve that, Loop your collection with the filenames and use a Calculation stage to concatenate. Then use...
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    No element matched the query terms

    Hello manzur, That's problem connected with the ticked attributes from the spied element. Keep in mind that attributes as such URL, Path, Windows Name, etc.. are volatile and in most of the cases should be unticked.
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    Using a collection for attachments

    Hey Daniel, How are you Looping the collection? Can you show the flow? In these cases, you should Loop your collection and concatenate all the paths in a single Data Item, separated by a semicolon. After the loop, you insert the Data Item as Input in the field Attachments (Send E-mail action)...
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    Spying mutliple rows in a table.

    Hello manzur, Spy two rows from the same field and check the difference between the spied elements in the Application Modeller. The trick will be to use a dynamic attribute, for instance, the Match Index. Then, you increment in the Process and send the number as Input to your Action. In your...
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    Extract key value pairs from Json .

    Hello manzur, I believe this is what you need: Regular Expression: (?<Key>(?<="Key":").*?(?="))(.*?)(?<Value>(?<=.*?"Value":").*?(?=")) Keep in mind that the regex expression is using subpattern groups. You need to use a regex action to get the match as collection with the Field Names Key and...
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    How to Spy Save as window which one opening when click PDF creator Save button in SAP?

    The saplogon application isn't supposed to be attached or even exist in this new object. Your attach should have the input Window: Save As*
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    Automate the web application by parsing json.

    Hello manzur, the best way is to read the JSON files to a data item and use Regex to extract all the key and value pairs to a collection. Then loop this collection and fill the web application.
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    Adding Rows to Collection

    And why you're not getting the result you want? Can you post a screenshot with the logic? With the Append Rows, you don't need a Loop.
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    ActiveWindow option in code stage

    Hello, I'm sorry, I thought it was clear. Worksheet, Workbook and Handle are your Inputs. Handle - output from the 'Create Instance' action Worksheet - name of the worksheet Workbook - output from the Open Workbook action Let me know if you need more assistance
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    schedule in pening count in queues

    Hello ranjith kumar, Unfortunately, there's no such thing as 'auto schedule' is BP, at least by default. But, to make a process work in the queue with more pending items, you can Loop all your queue names and check the number of pending items, using the action 'Get Pending Items', for each...
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    Adding Rows to Collection

    Hello APatel, The rows that you mentioned are in another collection? If so, you can use the action 'Append Rows to Collection'. Let me know if you need more assistance.