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    could not identify the process owning current foreground window

    Im having this issue a lot since v6 upgrade, never happened before, I restart and then run login agent but this issue is recurring for me.
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    What is difference between AA mode and UI Automation mode in Blue Prism in terms of functionality/Usage?

    I read that it should be used in place of AA mode and AA mode should only be used as a back up if UI mode doesn't yield the right results. Can anyone else chime in with their experience?
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    Dynamic Path/Adding to collection

    Hi I'm having a slight issue adding a dyna path to my collection, I have the input path in a data item and I want to add it to a column in the collection which has worked previously in another object, but it will not work the same this time and i'm not entirely sure why. As I hope you can see...
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    Solved VAT Calcs

    Hi VJ Thanks for your help, this has completely resolved my issue :D Mel
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    Solved VAT Calcs

    Hi Both data types are number, the Net Value is read from a text collection, converted to a number item vaia calc stage and then the problems start when the VAT is calculated, as thats where i can see the first extra zero. It appears this is intermittent too as sometimes it works correctly and...
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    Solved VAT Calcs

    Hi I have a process that needs to read the Net value and add the vat on. I am using a calc stage to do this but once I add the net and vat together I get the calculated value coming out as 34.400 instead of 34.40 Any ideas on why its doing this and how I can stop it happening, I know i could...
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    Solved process will run fine in debug mode but not from Scheduler

    Duh, I did something really stupid and then realised, I generally schedule a screen unlock as well as the process but forgot to add an "On Complete" -_-;; /Facepalm A bit trigger happy with the help post, thanks tho
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    Solved process will run fine in debug mode but not from Scheduler

    Hi, I scheduled my process once It ran smoothly in debug mode but it will not start in the scheduler, can anyone point in down the correct troubleshooting path for this issue? Not sure where to start. Thanks in advance!
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    No elements match the supplied query items.

    Hi, As a new developer also, this is very interesting to me, I am having trouble with pop up windows, are there any tips specific to those? In the pop up there could be images but could have none, the pop up could be all sorts of sizes and it’s proving difficult to get consistent results...