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    regex in Blue Prism

    I can recommend this for testing: u can insert your regular expression on the top and a list of words to test it all at one place
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    Process run very slow to the control room

    thanks for the hint
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    Kill Process Not Working

    seems correct. maybe try it in lower case letters ... i have no idea what else could be the problem
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    Kill Process Not Working

    mh then I have no idea what the problem could be
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    ProcessMode argument in Launch

    I wonder about the same thing.
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    Kill Process Not Working

    did u connect the stage properly ?
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    Kill Process Not Working

    input sounds correct. maybe use our mobile phone to take a photo of the screen? and of the taskmanager
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    Kill Process Not Working

    Well the function is one of the most basic functions. did u enter the process name correctly. there is not much room for error here. Post a screenshot of your action details. also a screenshot of your taskmanager could be useful. Did u edit the Environment VBO ?
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    IBM mainframe automation code stages

    To interact with our IBM mainframe I use the locally installed IBM Personal Communication Client. In Blue Prism I made some Code Stages to read out text by coordinates, set cursor to coordinates, write text to coordinates or simply sent simple key presses (like e.g. numpadenter or F3) to the...
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    subquery Error in object

    That did not work but I found a different solution now: In the conditional wait I do not check for "exists" I check for an attribute that matches the regular expression.
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    subquery Error in object

    I get the following error message Internal : AMI error occurred in WaitStart Stage 'Wait2' on page 'N: Check Post Counter' - Subquery must be followed by one of '=', '<', '<=', '>', '>=', '<>', '%=' '^=' '$=' I try to spy a number which appears in our application. It can be from 4-99 so I used...
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    Pressing buttons with conditional wait

    Unfortunately the HTML is quite big but I selected quite a number of attributes already. Unfortunately I can not use the path because it changes for every case. But your Idea to let the conditional wait check for something else seems like the right approach for me. Thank you for your advice.
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    Pressing buttons with conditional wait

    At the moment I use conditional waits in almost every action where I need to press a button or something. Basically I use the conditional wait to determine if the button is even there. And if its there. Blue Prism should press it. I got an Internetexplorer Application that I interact with and I...
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    Code Stage Parameter Problem

    I'm trying to read some characters out of a mainframe application window. I already got 2 functions like this working: one for sending single keys like F1 and the other one for sending a string at certain coordinates (y=row / x=column). Dim autECLPSObj As Object autECLPSObj = CreateObject...
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    Collection Filter Problem

    Thank you for your reply. I will test that later. Can you explain the Syntax a little ? I don't understand the "like" and the "%" in it. Thanks in advance !
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    Collection Filter Problem

    I have a problem with the collection filter function in the collection manipulation object. What it should do: The page gets a text input named Inputkey in the start stage. The collection has a table with 2 columns Inputkey(Text) and IBMkey(Text) In my example the collection should be...
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    Solved Procedute to take a Print screen & Store in Data Item Using Blue Prism

    I implemented this Screenshot Functions but now I'm getting an error creating a new release: An error occurred while attempting to create the release: Der Zugriff auf den Pfad wurde verweigert. (no access right to the path) System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Der Zugriff auf den Pfad wurde...
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    Get Month Name from date

    FormatDate(Today(), "yyyy") works fine for me. Expression Result = 2019(text)
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    Scheduler Problem

    I got a little Scheduler Problem and I hope someone can provide a hint to solve it. Our Blue Prism is running on a Laptop. That laptop is starting up by BIOS events every workday at 6:55. Blue Prism will login at 7:00, wait 30sec., then runs our process and at 19:45 Blue Prism closes down all...
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    recursions in Blue Prism

    Well the Page has like 18 choices and some of them lead to the top some don't. It's a mess o_O and in some choices there are smaller "underchoices" with like 3-4 cases.