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    Solved How can i get last day of month ??

    Dear All, I have tried to get last of month by writing Code , by giving Month and Year values in input fields. But I am not able to get last day of month , Could you please provide Code (solution's) for this situation. Note:: Is there any way to get last day of month in Blue Prism.? Thanks...
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    Solved how to Send Mail with collection table in message body??

    Dear All, 1) I am not able to send mail with collection table in message body along with some predefined text <(placed in variables)> , Could you please help me to sort it out..!! If its required to code stage please provide code plz. 2) How can i convert collection table to text format-- if...
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    Solved How can i identify 1 day of month is Saturday / Sunday??

    Dear All, I am facing issue while comparing the 1 day of month is Saturday / Sunday , How i get 1 day of month and how can i compare is weekend? Could you please provide solution for this situation..! Thanks & Regards, Venu
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    Solved How to handle differnet users and different application login credentials

    Hi All, I Have A Scenario, I was developed bot and I will run in production , in this case I have machine user name and passwords for different users and as well as each user desktop application available with different name & passwords . How Blue prism identify the each credentials of each...
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    Solved How to execute high Priority Queue items First

    I Have A Scenario, I Have The Excel Document. In That Document i have 5000 Number of Data items . In that data we should process 5 urgent request data item we should process those first along remaining data items , for this process first we should add to queue ... how can i do it priority...