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    Unexpected error Error during Web API HTTP Request Web Exception Status: ConnectFailure

    @priya From error description it seems there is connection issue while consuming endpoints of WEB API . Could you try it consuming this web api outside blue prism (like hitting endpoint from browser) ? hope this helps. Please post how it goes.
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    Blue Prism freeze / exe has stopped working

    Glad to know that
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    Blue Prism freeze / exe has stopped working

    @Credit Try loading 50K rows from an excle in chunks or parts and then process it. please keep posted how it goes.
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    Run SQL Server Query With Windows Authentication

    @abraham_r Pls use option 1 in above answer and enter userid pw and server name. Pls keep posted how it goes.
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    how can I call an action (element) from the code block (element)

    @ajtest1 Is it really need to call action from code ? cant we loop through collection items via for loop and place "Process Order" action inside this for loop? Hope this helps.
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    need help with launching citrix app

    @ppb12345 could you share screenshot of the error if you are getting while connecting to citirix.
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    Unable to get result after executing SQL query using Data-SQL Server VBO

    @sumit Just a wild guess could you try removing inverted commas around rollNo filed. It seems , rollNo is numeric field and it is decorated with inverted comma. this could be possible cause of not updating record in actual table. If still not resolved , can you try updating other table inside...
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    Active work Queue

    @ramr In this case , the target resource value is decremented - ie. no other session is created to take its place for that particular resource. Sessions on another resources will continue to run. Hope this helps.
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    How to compare two worksheets in a single workbook

    @VenkataKrishna Telukuntla You may use code stage if blue prism crashes for large number of records. Refer the thread : It may be helpful for you.
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    How to create random numbers in blue prism.

    @Cristine014 Agree with @mondo . Alternatively you can use code stage Random rnd = New Random(min,max); int Counter = rnd.Next(); Hope this helps.
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    Unable to Run a process using Web Service Object

    @rajesh2627 Is this web service hosted on local machine on which blue prism is also installed ? I believe , Process which invokes web services from blue prism lacks authorization hence showing error . Can you try adding User Account / Network account on the web server where web service is...
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    stopped and terminated proces auto reporting

    @ProRPA Possible Work flow could be : 1.Drag and drop Action for every step as mentioned below : 2.Connect to Blue prism SQL Server database with below Action Action Name : Set Connection : , Business Object : Data- SQL Server ,Action : Set Connection 3.Once connected Get SQL Data of...
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    Reading from excel

    Agree with @Janya . Utilit-xml VBO contains actions named "Get Elements","Get Element","Read File" etc. These actions includes parsing and processing of xml data which may lead to more processing time. If in case you need to convert xml data to datatable bellow code would be helpful ...
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    Multi bot implementation query

    @Shweta As they are going to approach separate web application via browser , they (2 processes) can run at the same time. Run mode can be configured via initialize tab properties with object studio . Can you share more details on time limit part ?
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    Multi bot implementation query

    @Shweta Yes, multiple processes can run on single pc at same time also. Hopebthus helps.
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    Multi bot implementation query

    @Shweta Yes we can run multiple processes (bots) on single resource by dragging multiple processes to resource inside control room. Hope this helps.
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    Reading from excel

    @maduri0909 One possible way out would be to write code for the same. Hope this helps.
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    How to execute sql query in BluePrism ?

    @manikanta komuravelli Chances are query need to be put inside quote in Data - SQL VBO. Can you share query or part of query so that things will be more clearer.
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    Multi bot implementation

    @polugopi87 As mentioned earlier two processes (bots) needs to be created. Few quick questions pls: May I know why you believe its multi bot scenario ? Can you share details for the same. ? If you are following SDD then , you need grasp idea behind why it is multi bot scenario and why cant i...
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    Work Queue Related Query

    @Shweta High level idea would be as follow : 1 Application Actual Data fetching time =10 Min 10 Application Actual Data fetching time = 100 Min (10 Min * 10 Application) Projected time to finish retrieving all application data = 30 Min. In order to bring down processing time from 100 Min...