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    Change file extension

    Hi Team, I have one requirement. we will receive pdf files and some with .PDF and some with .pdf extension. Our system is designed like it will process only .pdf. so error will come for .PDF files. I want to check continuously if .PDF files is there or not and if its present change its...
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    Real time case studies

    Hi Friends, I am new to Blue prism, doing practice on BP tool. I request you to provide some sample real time case studies to practise more. Your response will be really appretiated. Thanks, Pooja
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    How to read subject line of email

    Hi Team, I am new to Blue prism. i have one requirement like, i have one common mail id group . i have to read outlook particular email subject and send it to some other mailid. Can you please let me know how i should go for it. Your response is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    advice for ftp

    Hi Guys, can you please explain in detail how to do, probably if you can provide screenshots. I ma new to BP and got assignment on Winscp. Please help
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    Blue prism interact with Remote Desktop process

    I am also trying to do same thing. It will be really appreciated if someone can provide detail steps..I am new to BP. thanks in advance
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    Unable to create new folder

    Hi Team, I am not able to create new folder in blue prism. Please guide. Thanks, Pooja
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    Unable to create new folder

    Hii, I am not able to create new folder in blue prism. Can you help me.