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    Login agent cannot runs automatically because runtime resource is not connected to server

    Hi, Could someone help me with some ideas or, ideally, with the solution for an issue that i face it? :) I have a new server and a new runtime resource but i have a problem with the resource while it is signed out. Typically, the resource should remain connected to the server in order to run...
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    Problem on identifying Microsoft.Office.Interop

    Thanks! It worked. I founded this dll somewhere in my C: drive and i could reference it.
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    Problem on identifying Microsoft.Office.Interop

    Hi all, In my current project, i have to work with some excel files and at one point i need to save a range from an excel file as an image. I found a possible solution for what i need, but i face an issue with one excel library...?(Microsoft.Office.Interop). The code that i used is below.I have...