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  1. Zubair

    Open Source C# RPA Tool Roro

    Something I found whilst browsing LinkedIn Although no where near the level of complexity as commercial RPA tools, its free and full open source, meaning if anyone does want to to customize the tool they are free todo so. You can check it out here.
  2. Zubair

    NICE NICE RPA for Dummies Free ebook

    Hey guys Just thought I would share, that NICE has released a free ebook for anyone looking into RPA, it has alot of useful information such as how to get started, best practices for building automations, adding cognitive automation, setting up your Center of Excellence etc. You can download...
  3. Zubair

    Best Practices when creating a new project

    Since working with NICE RTI, I have a set of rules which I used, to make a robotic solution which would be structured and also easy to understand if another individual looked at it. Firstly I would split everything up into different files for example. All business entities in 1 file, screen...
  4. Zubair


    Hi everyone! My name is Zubair, I am an RPA developer, who has been in the industry for over a year now. I worked at Capgemini as a lead developer delivering robust robotic solutions. I primarily worked with NICE RTI, however am keen to learn new technologies such as UIPath and Blue Prism. If...