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    Filter Huge Data

    Hi, I am extracting excel file from web report. After extract, require to exclude one of the columns with criteria. Example ColumnA <> 'sample' I manage to use Utility Collection --> Filter Collection. Then I use MS Excel VBO to write the collection and save it after filtered. Is working...
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    global send keys

    Hello I would like to run a shortcutkey from a java base application. I came across this post : I try to apply but is not working. When I try the shortcut key manually is working fine. Is my expression below correct? I try both...
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    read last row

    I have java base application. I would like to read the last row. I try to apply DOWN, then focus and click center but it keep going back to first row. Arrow Down is working fine. How can I fix this? Numbers of row are dynamic, sometimes can be 2 sometimes can be 3, etc.. Would like to read the...
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    spying dropdown java mode

    Hi, any sample or advice how to spy the java mode drop down? I manage to spy the View but I am not sure what to select in the navigate. I would like to select View --> click Report Below are my elements. How do I add to select Report in the drop down?
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    Rename File Name

    Hi, I download few files save into a folder. How can I rename all this dynamic file name to specific name? Rename file1 to report_sample01.xlsx, file2 to report_sample02.xlsx, and so on.
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    Could not check if drop down exist in scheduler

    Hello, I have a process to select from drop down list in web browser (IE). Upon running it manually it is working fine. But when I schedule it scheduler I hit error it could not find the drop down list. I have apply the wait button. Anyone able to assist me to solve this.
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    Report extraction in scheduler

    I have a process where it open in IE, input start and end date, extract report. In my object, launch IE and I applied check if windows activated > yes > input date > extract > save. In process, I call the object to launch and another process to input dates. Upon running it is successful. But...
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    scheduler not working

    Hi, I created to read excel, and populate the input into spy elements. It is successful in process upon running. When I try to schedule it in scheduler, it hit error 'file not found'. I use as below: MS Excel VBO --> Open Workbook May I know why? Any solution for this?
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    Save Email

    Hi, I am trying to save outlook .msg. This is my method: 1)MAPIEX --> GetMail 2)MAPIEX --> ListMail, output collection IDs 3)Outlook Email VBO --> Save email as file, entryID are from the collection Im getting this error upon saving. Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception...
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    Get Received Items

    Hi, I am trying to save email into folder. I use MS Outlook Email VBO --> Get Received Items (Basic) In the inbox has multiple email which is same, as email will be send once daily. How can I get the latest? How do I make use of image below?
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    Hi, How can I filter the email I want and save outlook as .msg? Any steps that I can follow? Couldn't look for any sample.
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    Navigate attach not responding

    Hi, im inserting value for windows security popup. This is my current process, open url --> input username and password --> click ok. Im having issue on navigate (attach) stage where it is not responding about 7-10 minutes before it proceed to next step. It is successful after on hold for...
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    MAPIEx Get Mail

    Hi, im using MAPIEx method to get mail. Is successful. Can someone guide me how can I get certain email to be save the whole content as .msg in a folder.
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    save into excel from button

    Hi, I automate a process which will get pass one month data. From date and to date. Upon click button "submit" it will popup "Do you want to open or save xxx.xls" How can I use blue prism to directly save into folder once I click submit?