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    multi sorting excel

    hi, can someone pls help with multi-sorting in excel. for example: there are 10 columns in excel and col H, I , B, C, D, E needs to be sorted all at a time in ascending order (like first 5 in A-Z and last one in 0-9). So, how to do that? thanks
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    paste special values

    hi, how to keep the data in excel and removing formula. Example: there is a formula in cell range: P6:P15 and now i want to keep only data removing formula. I tried by using select > copy > paste but its giving me error: Ambiguous match found, even if there is a different data in all the cells...
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    remove duplicate rows

    hello, how to delete duplicate rows from excel based on duplicate data in multiple columns. example: col1 col2 col3 col4 val1 val2 val3 val4 val1 val2 val3 val5 val5 val7 val8 val9 so as per above example, bot needs to look for the duplicates in col2 and col3 data only and in result, it should...
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    mainframe automation

    hi, i am new to mainframe automation and using blue zone session manager. I am unsure about the application type to use in application modeller, also what should i put in session file path. I see foll. in app modeller. thanks
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    cell color based on value

    hi, how to highlight the excel cells based on value present in another column or same column. Example- cola colb 25-Aug b 26-Aug c 27-Aug d 28-Aug e 29-Aug y 1. To highlight col b cells where col b does not contains text "d". So, rest all in col b to be...
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    Excel related query

    hi, can someone please help with below query: i have an excel file containing large amount of data like 6K, 7K. In that, there is a column of phone number (Col B). Now the requirement is to check if there is a duplicate entry for phone number, then col C needs to be updated with notes...
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    environment locking and multi-bot

    hi, can anyone pls help me in implementing environment locking /multi-bot feature: 1. there are three files, one is dashboard file and another is sample1.xlsx and sample2.xlsx files. 2. Bot is pasting the data from dashboard file to both sample 1 and sample 2 files and then some excel...
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    Issue while running macro

    Hi, Can anyone please help with below issue: I am running a macro in excel but there is a pop up appearing in which there is a button "done", once the macro has run. I created a separate object to handle that pop up, but issue is bot is not moving further from Run macro stage so I am not able...
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    parse text

    hi, how to get the email ID which is written in additional contact info: First name: <some text>,Last name:<some text>,Telephone number: <some text>,email:<some text>First name: <some text>,Last name:<some text>,Telephone number: <some text>,email:<some text>First name: <some text>,Last...
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    Change to date format

    Hi, how can we change the following text to date format: 2nd April 2020 thanks
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    Excel save error

    Hi, can someone please help with below issue: when I am trying to save the excel file, I am getting error: "save as method of workbook class failed". Even though i am passing the right file name with which it should save my file. And sometimes, in retries it works out and sometimes it does not...
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    unique values from coll

    hi, how to get only unique data from collection like - col1 col2 col3 ID1 A B ID2 A P ID3 B D So, from above collection, I need only the last row in my output collection where Col2 = B.. All the duplicate records in col B needs to be completely ignored. For...
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    read table from outlook email

    Hi, how to read the tabular data from outlook email? There are two emails in body. Also, while reading I do not want the html tags to be returned.
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    Google chrome radio button issue

    hi, facing issues with spying in google chrome application. there is a radio button in website which i have spied and changed the type from web element to "radio button". But when i am using click or select on that, the radio button is not getting selected. Also, when i am highlighting it, it...
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    Text Parsing

    hi, can you pls help me with below query- PFA screenshot, i need to retrieve all this data one by one and make selections in a website. For example: As capacity is given as 50, so I need to write 50 in website in a textbox. how to do this? In feature, it says: check = notifications, which means...
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    Extract text in brackets

    Hi, how to extract the text stored within brackets: (1234567) I just need "1234567" in output. Thanks
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    spying issues in chrome 6.5

    Hi, need your help with following- i have a checkbox type element in a web application (using chrome) in 6.5. when i spied using browser mode, its spyable but when i am clicking on that checkbox, its not clicking on that. i have also changed the element type from web element to checkbox, but...
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    Extract data from collection

    Hi, Please help me in how to extract SettingB information, i.e, only "345" from below data which i got in collection in different rows- Settings: SettingA: 123 SettingB: 345 SettingC: 567 Thanks
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    Set path as Dynamic and Wildcard

    Hi, Can we set the path as both dynamic and wildcard for the same element? I have a requirement where TR(1) value is changing to 1,2,3,4 etc.. and after TR(1), the path attributes are changing. Please help Thanks
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    Parsing Text

    Hi please help with below query- I am reading a data from website and getting like this in data item- ----------------------------------------------------------------- Set as default Search member: Last name: ABC 0 member(s) found...