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    Dropdown In Web Application

    Hello All, I am working on a Web Application(In VM ), where I have to select a Drop down Button & then have to select an item from the Drop down List. My Env: Blue Prism 6.4 Chrome V71 BP Extension: V1.0 Only the Browser Mode is working & other modes except AA mode is available, but not able...
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    BP Version 6 Database Connection Error

    Hi All, I have installed .net 4.7, SQL Server express 2014 & BP. Did the configuration as described in Busy Ping(YouTube Channel). But at CREATE DATABASE connection section, it's reflecting error as: "failed to create database - CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master' " At Stage...
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    Extract Number from string

    Hi All, How to extract a number from a text string in blue prism ? Ex: Purchase Order: 123456 AXIKIYRT Expected Result: 123456 The length of the number also vary some time, but the pattern remains same. Thank you
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    how to select the value from drop down manu

    Hi All, I have state code example KA, AP, TN etc... based on state code i need to select the drop down values in a Web Application State code is in my excel sheet & we need to read the State Code from excel & accordingly have to select the State name. Example state code is KA - In drop down...
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    OLEDB In UiPath

    Hello, Is there any option in UiPath, where we can run some sql query to get output from an excel sheet/Data table ? If any option is there, please advice how to configure it. Thank you.
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    Python In Blue Prism?

    Hi, can we write directly python code in code stage of Blue Prism ? If not, please advice me how to achieve this. Thank you.
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    Resource In BP

    Hi All, What does Resource mean in Blue Prism ? Thank you.
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    Looping on URLs from Excel file using UiPath

    Hi, Using UiPath, how to open all the URL under a column in excel sheet? I am quite new to UiPath, so please explain it step by step. Thank you.
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    Date difference In Collection

    Hi All, I am getting the output as the date (In this format 16-12-2018 18:30:00) in two collection field. How to find the difference. The requirement is to get only the day count (Like 2 or 3 or 4 Days) Please advise.
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    Date Difference

    Hi All, I have two columns with date value in Excel. How to get only the date difference? Suppose Column 1 has value: 02.06.2018 & Column 2 has value: 30.05.2018 Then the difference we need = 3 Thanks...
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    Text to Date

    Hi All, How to convert date captured as TEXT format to DATE format? Thank you.
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    Date Calculation

    Hi All, I have a requirement as below:- New Delivery Date:19-06-2018 (Not Constant always) In the previous stage we are getting a Day Count (Like: For Monday:1, Tuesday:2, Wednesday:3) Let's assume the Day Count = 3 here... So the requirement is to change the New Delivery Date to 3rd Day of...
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    Compare two Worksheets

    Hi All, How to compare & calculate some operation on two worksheets in a single excel file ? Thank you.
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    Internal : Unexpected error stack empty In "Activate Sheet" action

    Hi, Getting error as "Internal : Unexpected error stack empty" while working with Excel. Please advice. Thank you.
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    Data item in object studio

    Hi, My data item is present in process studio. How to call it from object studio. I have uncheck the button under the data item, to make it available other pages. But I am unable to call it from Object Studio. Please advise.
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    Data Item to Excel

    Hi, I have 4 data items. How can I move these data items(with value) to an excel, with data item name as column name in Excel. Thank you.
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    Collection to Excel

    Hi, How to move collection data to an excel ?? Thank you.
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    Collecting Unique and Duplicate data in Excel

    Hi Team, My data is in excel, please check the Original Data.png In the Original table, you can observe that for each PO#, multiple products are there. Like for PO#456, we have 3 Unique Products (369 (Item:45), 258(Item:13), 147(Item:18),654 (Item:14)). My requirement is:- 1. In collection-1...
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    Cannot find table 0 Error

    Hi, In process studio I have four stage 1. Start 2. Set Server Connection 3. Get Collection 4. End to work with SQL Server. I want to run an update one query But whenever I try to run any update query it reflects an error as "Cannot find table 0". "Select queries" are running fine. Can anyone...
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    Drop down in Blue Prism

    Hi, How to select an item from a drop down list in Blue Prism ?? Thank you