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  1. Zubair


    Can you send the challenge here? Ill take a look
  2. Zubair

    Blueprism vs UIPath on Java

    Thats strange, when I tested BP on Java based products it was fine. Personally I havent had any issues with both
  3. Zubair

    Hi, can anyone share me the code for this task.

    If you can share the data and macro file I can take a look
  4. Zubair

    RPA Challenge - Object Cloning DOMXPath property won't show

    Hi If you click on the button next to select search criteria, you should be able to pick which properties you want to use for the object.
  5. Zubair

    Environment Locking in Automation Anywhere

    Could you explain what environment locking is? Havent used BluePrism myself so need some more info please
  6. Zubair

    Silver light technology in AA

    You could try mouse click with co-ordinates
  7. Zubair

    Silver light technology in AA

    What are you using to capture? If object cloning isnt working, try managed window controls
  8. Zubair

    Best RPA tool for "Reading Excel - Posting to a site"

    I think all major RPA tool's are good with Excel (UIPath, Automation Anywhere, BluePrism, NICE) . For me personally I prefer Automation Anywhere due to its ease of use
  9. Zubair

    how to make chrome the default browser when Running?

    I found a useful answer online which helps with using chrome with command line, I will share the solution. (This is for launching chrome using the CMD command in NICE)
  10. Zubair

    Object Cloning | Dynamic web page title

    You will need to use wildcards, such as *
  11. Zubair

    Nice PRA user guide/training

    Hi Mark Welcome to the forum. If you have any NICE questions feel free to ask me, i'll try and answer the best I can!
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    How to extract field from SAP

    Need some more info. Which version of AA are you using?
  13. Zubair

    How to extract field from SAP

    Hi I would suggest using the SAP dll, to interact with SAP and obtaining data.
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    Hi Alain welcome to the forum! If you have any RPA related questions, feel free to ask, and if you need help with picking what the best tool is for your business feel free to message me!
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    Open Source C# RPA Tool Roro

    Something I found whilst browsing LinkedIn Although no where near the level of complexity as commercial RPA tools, its free and full open source, meaning if anyone does want to to customize the tool they are free todo so. You can check it out here.
  16. Zubair

    NICE NICE RPA for Dummies Free ebook

    Hey guys Just thought I would share, that NICE has released a free ebook for anyone looking into RPA, it has alot of useful information such as how to get started, best practices for building automations, adding cognitive automation, setting up your Center of Excellence etc. You can download...
  17. Zubair

    RPA Tool Which support Mac OS

    The looks interesting, but is there actually much demand for an RPA tool working on MacOS? Most legacy softwares all use Windows
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    Well you would need a valid license to even access the support. There isnt any free versions of AA
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    There is documentation available on the AA support site I would suggest opening a ticket there if you arent able to locate the document.
  20. Zubair

    Assisted Automated License

    Hi Nicky its probably best if you contact NICE directly regarding their licensing.