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  1. adebroise

    Performance issues and migration

    Hi all, We have recently had some performance issues due to the increase in users of the forum. I have now moved the forum to a more powerful server so any speed issues and drop outs should now be resolved. Kind Regards, Anthony
  2. adebroise

    Training and Vacancies

    Are you looking to up-skill in RPA or looking for a new job in the field? Check out our new Training and Vacancies sub-forums! Please note that training and vacancies may only be posted by approved sponsors and posting training or vacancies within other sections of the forum is not permitted.
  3. adebroise

    SPAM Posts

    Hi all, As a result of the increasing number of spam posts, I have made the following changes: All new users or users with less than 5 posts, will have their posts moderated prior to them becoming publicly available. Registration now includes a different CAPTCHA solution. Fingers crossed...
  4. adebroise

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from everyone at RPA Forum! :)
  5. adebroise

    Which RPA tools do you use?

    Simple question, which RPA tools do you use? :) If you use more than one, which do you prefer and why?
  6. adebroise

    200 Members!

    We have just hit 200 members on the forum! Please invite anyone you know with RPA experience to the forum to help make our community even bigger and better. :D
  7. adebroise

    How could we improve?

    Hi everyone! We’d like to make the forum as useful as possible. Is there anything we can add to the forum to make it even more useful for you?
  8. adebroise

    Please read before posting in this sub-forum

    When posting in this section, please append the Scripting Vendor's name to the left of your subject and we'll create a new section. eg. Scripting Vendor - How do I do x?
  9. adebroise

    RPA News Feeds

    As part of our mission to become the ultimate RPA resource, we’ve added automated news feeds for the following vendors to our RPA News section: Blue Prism UI Path WorkFusion NICE If you can recommend any further RPA news feeds, please let us know.
  10. adebroise

    RPA Forum Migration

    RPA Forum has recently migrated to xenForo which adds a whole host of new features such as attachments and profiles.
  11. adebroise

    1st November 2017 - San Francisco - Blue Prism World on Tour
  12. adebroise

    27 - 29 November, 2017 - London, UK - Robotic Process Automation & AI Week 2017
  13. adebroise

    Best AI and machine learning tools for developers | 13 AI Dev Tools

    If you haven't heard 100,000 times already, artificial intelligence is going to be a pretty big deal. The tools and software in place will accelerate this growth. Knowing which software to use could mean the difference between creating a fully functioning AI algorithm or creating a racist...
  14. adebroise

    Robotic process automation market poised for explosive growth

    Early experiments with robotic process automation are successfully cutting costs and achieving fast ROI. That will lead to a boom in full-scale deployments. Robotic process automation (RPA) technology typically uses artificial intelligence to handle repetitive, rules-based, back-office tasks...
  15. adebroise

    Blue Prism vs. Space Invaders

    This Blue Prism process has been created to play space invaders with no human input. It includes features such as: - Keeping track of the speed and direction of the aliens - Dodging (most) bullets even when theres more than 1 - Clearing the bottom rows first This process doesn't use surface...
  16. adebroise

    7th June 2017 - New York - Blue Prism World 2017
  17. adebroise

    21st June 2017 - London - Blue Prism World 2017
  18. adebroise

    Five questions to ask before considering robotic process automation

    Speed. Efficiency. Higher quality. Lower costs. These are the key benchmarks by which enterprise IT has been measured since the earliest days of its existence. These outcomes have always been achieved by some combination of man and machine, but with advances in cloud and digital technology, the...
  19. adebroise

    Attachments within Posts

    I have just added the functionality allowing you to upload files and attach them to posts using BBCode. Please feel free to share: your solutions to problems (.bprelease, .xml, .xaml, .zip)[/*] reusable components[/*] a troublesome task you're struggling with[/*] documentation templates...
  20. adebroise

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone! My name is Anthony de Broise and I'm the Academy Director at Robiquity. I am an experienced programmer and database developer with 11 years experience in the Utilities sector. I also have 5+ years experience in Blue Prism covering process design, development and implementation...