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    Adding number to Date

    Hello Everyone, I am getting a number value from a Calculation Stage. A date (Not necessarily the Present Date ) field is reflecting after entering some data. So, my requirement is: To add the Number (From the Calculation Stage) & to add it to the Date & Update the new date in the same Date...
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    VB.Net or C#

    Hi VJR, Thanks for sharing the article. I worked only on Python till now. Never worked on any other languages.
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    VB.Net or C#

    Thank you so much VJR for assistance.. So what would you suggest to start with (VB.Net OR C#) ??? So that I can start with either one, later I can move to the next one. Please assist
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    VB.Net or C#

    Hi friends, Is it required to learn both VB.Net & C# to work on Blue Prism Code Stage? Or only VB.Net knowledge is enough ? Thank you.
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    VB.Net Or C#

    Hello frnds, Is it required to learn both VB.Net & C# to be good in Code Stage of Blue Prism ?? Thank you.