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    Need Advice

    Hello All, Please help in below query. I have taken a Environment Variable "Stopping Time" of Time type and and passing the value, say 12:15:00PM.. Now i created a process with flow as: 1. Start 2. It will check if Stopping Time has reached. (Decision Stage) If Stopping Time has not reached...
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    Exception Handling Query

    Understood! But, what has happened to Exception1 then?
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    Exception Handling Query

    By checking Preserver checkbox, its working fine. But i was confused, in when its throwing Exception2 and giving its details, its not going to Resume stage. So, due to that I believe, the first exception is also not getting diffused. Am I correct?
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    Exception Handling Query

    Is Exception2 detail over-writing or shadowing Exception1 Detail?
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    Exception Handling Query

    Sorry, but I am still confused. Using blocks, I am aware of the process. I read in Foundation Training course, that there should be one Recover stage in page .. So.. my point is that - After throwing first exception, it will go to Recover Stage and when again next stage is throwing exception...
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    Exception Handling Query

    Also, please advise if both the exception will be diffused or none.. And if new exception will be thrown, then what will happen for Exception1.
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    Exception Handling Query

    Hi All, I have a query related to Exception Handling technique (Flow diagram shown below): I have a scenario where, when I am running the below flow, its goes to first Exception, i.e, Exception1 > Recover Stage > Again goes to Exception2 block and throws the new exception. Can anyone please...
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    Adding number to Date

    You can make use of AddDays function to achieve this task. AddDays({Date}, {Days}) First argument should be of "Date" Type and second should be of "Number".
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    Error while configuring New connection in Blueprism

    Hi All, I have a query regarding configuring connection in Blueprism (In new machine). SQL is installed successfully, wherein I selected default instance as "MSSQLSERVER", and authentication mode as "Windows Authentication". However, when I am configuring the connection in BP, it throws below...
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    Send keys Fn+F11

    Hi Camilla I believe you can't use {Fn} because it's not specified keyword. Try by giving this : "{F11}" Thanks!
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    How to Check Excel open or not.

    You can use "Show" action of inbuilt utility MS Excel VBO.
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    sending space key throws error

    Thanks guyss.. Above shared solution worked..!!!
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    sending space key throws error

    Hi All, Can anyone please advise me on how can i send the combination of below two keys in blueprism. ALT + SPACE I tried by send key events: "<{ALT}<{SPACE}>{ALT}" But, it throws error: Unsupported key space. Thanks!
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    Unable to Start the Process

    Try logging out and then log back in.
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    How to send an email with CC by using Email -POP3/SMTP

    Please refer post: This should help you.
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    Copy excel content and email it using outlook

    You can achieve it via running Macro. The below macro should return the result, that you are expecting. Before running the macro, Select the data using "Select" action of MS Excel VBO. Sub Screenshot() Selection.CopyPicture Appearance:=xlScreen, Format:=xlBitmap path_Paint =...
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    Function todays

    Attached screenshot shows, what this is used for. In TimeSpan, you can pass the variable in which you are storing the your TimeSpan data and click on Paste, and store the result.
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    Split Text Related Query

    Yes, it worked now.. Thanks. Apologies for the confusion!
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    Split Text Related Query

    Hi, I tried both the solutions, but not seeing any of them resulting into the solution that I am looking for. 1. Right([OCRText], Len([OCRText]) - Instr([OCRText],":")) I gave this in Calc stage, but it did not return anything. 2. In second solution, it throws error: The Row index falls out...
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    Split Text Related Query

    Hi, Good Afternoon! Can someone please advise me on below query: I have a requirement, where I am reading an image's data using "Read Text with OCR", and storing it in a new data item of Text type. Now, I need to check if numeric value after ":" is greater than zero or not.. So, how can I...