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    Ideally excel accepts colon in range of cells, formula has to be "=SUM(A1:B1)", you have got semi colon in place of colon on the excel formula. That is causing the trouble.
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    Launch and spy .accdb file

    Can you elaborate the problem statement?
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    Dynamically generate filenames using current date & time

    Create a Data Item on the process or object and choose 'Environment..... ' from exposure drop down. All the available environment variables will be loaded in a drop down for 'name' field. During the run, the value of Environment Variable will be populated. You can use this Data item as any other...
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    Get XML sent to WebService

    I see it now. I am not sure if there will is an option to edit your xml request before making a call to the object (operation) thru Blue Prism. Looking thru BP logs in studio, BP does not expose the Web Service request that is used. As a workaround, i would get the request xml for the operation...
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    How to Remove Excel Filter via Blueprism RPA

    Cool :cool:
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    Save output cmd execution in txt file

    Try with "Command Prompt", that should work ideally.
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    How to read from SQL Database

    Executing a query using Data - OLE DB or SQL server VBOs, BP gets the query output in to a Collection. Later, you can add necessary logical stages to add the data to the website. I do not see a need to write the data to excel sheet. Good luck!
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    Save output cmd execution in txt file

    You have to pass "cmd" to check if Command Prompt is running in the 'Process Exists' action.
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    Need Advice

    I don't think this will serve the purpose. You have validate the current time against [Stopping Time]. IsFlag(), checks if the text passed is flag or not.
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    Save output cmd execution in txt file

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    Save output cmd execution in txt file

    For 'Global Send Keys' action, here is the input- "tree> C:\Desktop\Output.txt~" For 'Global Send Key Event' action, here is the input- "tree <{SHIFT}{>}>{SHIFT} C<{SHIFT}:>{SHIFT}\Desktop\Output.txt{ENTER}" Post back how it goes.
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    Split into worksheets

    Can you put a screenshot of the desired format you are looking for?
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    How to create a text file?

    If i am reading the question right, thsi is what you are looking for- Using 'Move File' action from 'Utility - File Management' you can convert a csv file to txt file and vice versa. This is a possible one as both csv and txt files are flat files. Suppose you have a file 'test.csv' in 'c:\'...
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    Get XML sent to WebService

    Are you trying to make a call to the external web service from Blue Prism? If yes, have you registered your web service wsdl in Blue Prism?
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    Solved File Exists with spaces in file path

    That's helpful @MGeorge Thanks!
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    Exception Handling Query

    In the process of diffusing the Exception1 that has occurred, you encountered another exception (exception2). So, BP is showing you the details of Exception2.
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    Exception Handling Query

    You can have as many as Recover stages as you want on a page when handled in blocks. If there are no blocks in place, use one recovery stage on a process and it captures all the exceptions on that page. If you want re-throw Exception1 details, in the Exception2 stage check "Preserve..." check-box.
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    How to Remove Excel Filter via Blueprism RPA

    The below code would remove Auto Filters on the sheet. Note, that this will not remove the filters on Tables if your sheet has tables. In your Excel VBO object, add a new page and name it as "Turn Off AutoFilter" Add a Code stage on to the page with Input parameters: Handle, Workbook...
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    Solved How to Split String Using Regex Expressions

    Cheers! get me a drink ;)
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    Exception Handling Query

    Looking at the flow diagram attached, you are bubbling the exception by Exception2. Exception still exists between Recover and Resume stages. Post Resume stage the exception is dead or diffused, unless there are any stages after resume stage that are inducing exceptions. Few of the cases...