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    I've read the documentation and also wanted to get some dumps so that I give the exam. Any Blue prism test dumps available?
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    Excel String data

    I have a excel file which has scraped data in a single line. How do I get the required data from that single string. Example: SID 45666645 james Nesham 89 PYTM 8989.52 This is something i've in excel file but I would required to get the email, SID , Pytm...
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    I get this error when try to interact with the excel. Please help me with this. What is the best way to deal with this. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at UiPath.Excel.Activities.WorkbookActivity`1.EndExecute(AsyncCodeActivityContext...
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    Windows "Save As" Dialogue box doesn't recognize the filepath and name entered

    Just re do it or try see if you cans end global send keys.
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    Solved Blue Prism not attaching to Already Opened Browser.

    Quick question! How to attach any window which is already running? I mean what are all the possible ways and attributes to consider trying to attach any window? Thanks,
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    Windows "Save As" Dialogue box doesn't recognize the filepath and name entered

    Re create the whole object. That helped me.
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    Windows "Choose file to upload" not able to recognise

    No your working my flow has the attach action is required places ad it was working good since 4 months. All of a sudden I see this behavior where I cant spy or highlight the elements but I see the window is attached. I tried every mode and I did see this situation even in the SAP app too. I...
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    Windows "Choose file to upload" not able to recognise

    The window is attached but I cant spy the elements in any mode now. I don't see any error there its just that I try to highlight the previous elements which were working doesnt work now. so Now I have create a new action page with only global send keys seems like its working but I still what...
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    Windows "Choose file to upload" not able to recognise

    I have the same issue with choose file to upload it was working good for about 4 months now it dont even see the elements. It is connected but can highlight any elements from the past. I try to re spy and it wont work. Does that indicate any settings has to be changed? An suggestions on this.
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    Spying save As window

    Hi, It did the same thing long back and it worked all fine but recently it failed and now don't know what changed but I create new object it doesn't work. Thins looks same is there any other suggestible solution to this issue. Please suggest. Thanks,
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    Windows "Save As" Dialogue box doesn't recognize the filepath and name entered

    I have used a new object to attach it to the same browser and tried to work it. It works fine but there is a chance of inconsistency and it failed recently so I'm looking for a new solution to attach the save window and save the file path.
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    Last Date of the Month

    I think this could help. AddDays(AddMonths(MakeDate(1, FormatDate(Today(), "MM"), FormatDate(Today(), "yyyy")), 1), -1)
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    Last Date of the Month

    Awesome! but I tried something and it worked with the date functions. Thanks much appreciated. VJR!
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    Last Date of the Month

    Hi, How to get the last date of a month with out using any code stage? Any ideas and suggestions appreciated. Thanks,
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    unable to select dropdown in SAP

    Hi Poorvi, Right click on the window and then try sending global send keys to the drop down. Capture the drop down by hovering the location in the SAP mode and GSK should help you on which reason want to select.
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    SAP Automation

    Hi Bhavana, Just giving some suggestions. Even check the class name, ancestor count, All the other attributes which is changing after you run it. It that doesn't work Try whats the next element which will be available which defines its completed successfully, Check that...
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    How to get DataGrid list into Collection?

    Hi, Just see what’s the best way you can get all the records manually and convert the same into blueprism process.
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    SAP Automation

    Hi Bhavana, With the SAP mode spy the whole status bar. Check and see if what does it change when you run it. I suggest you to try checking the match index and ordinal and also u can take of the window text and screen attributes. I’ve done a lot of SAP autoamtion...
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    BP SAP Export Button

    Hi All, I did spy the export button to transfer the table data into spreadsheet but something changed eventually I can spy it back but it doesn't work as per the action. It is a split button where instead clicking the export option it clicks on the adjacent option and keeps...