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    Microsoft Excel Data Connections - Alter Command Text

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to change Command Text box in Connection Properties (see picture). It is an existing data connection in Excel and I need to change the query. I already found this thread discussing altering Connection String but I was not able to alter the code for my purposes. What...
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    Excel process running after closing instance

    Hi, I have a problem when trying to close Excel. When I use MS Excel VBO::Close Instance, the Excel would close, but process in Task Manager is still seen running. The same goes when using MS Excel VBO::Close All Instances. Process: - Export table from 3rd party program. Program opens MS Excel...
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    Read row starting from a specific cell

    Hi! How can I get values from row starting from a particular cell from Excel file? Example, I need to extract all values from 2nd row, starting from B2 cell? P.s. it's better to extract non-empty cells. Thanks in advance.
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    Dynamically change part of code in Code stage

    Hi, I have a Code stage that creates Pivot Table in Excel. The first part of the code is general and the second part is there to describe how the Pivot Table should look like. I would like to be able to dynamically change the second part whenever I want to change the Pivot Table layout. How to...
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    Blue Prism-Excel-How detect and handle prompt when saving file

    Hi, We have an issue with Blue Prism (BP) saving Excel files to a directory that encrypts the file and locks the directory to other writes while the encrypted save completes. If two BP processes attempt to save files in the same directory at the same time, one process will receive a Microsoft...
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    How to Copy range as image

    Hello, I'm new to Blue Prism, and looking for a way to copy Excel range as image and paste it to Outlook item. I know "CopyPicture" method in VBA but I have no idea what I can do in Blue Prism. Maybe I will have to use Code Stage? I appreciate if any one of you give me an advise. Thank you.
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    Solved Run Time Error Macro freezes BluePrism

    Hello, i'm currently encountering an issue with my project. I have to download multiple excel files from an Intranet. Then, open them one by one and call a specific macro (The same macro exists in all the files). While running the macro, i noticed that there's a runtime error with the macro...
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    Convert Excel version to Excel 365

    I automated another program that outputs reports in Excel format - however, the Excel format it saves the files as is older. I have Blue Prism interact with the program and save it to an Azure share - the Excel files are then imported by another system process. The other system process is...
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    Copy a worksheet bewtween two workbooks in different Excel instances

    Hi, I have a process that will execute many SAP transactions, some returning large amounts of data, and create an Excel workbook (Output.xlsx) with separate worksheets containing the data from each SAP transaction. As each SAP transaction is run, we have SAP export the data to Excel. For...
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    Excel VBO - Move Worksheet Error

    Hi, Please help me out in moving the worksheet from one workbook to another. I'm getting the Bad index exception(PFA). Please help!
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    Close one of thee two open excel workbook

    I am opening a new Excel workbook through one excel workbook(AFO) which is already open. Now after opening the new workbook I am getting issues with attaching. But if I manually close the previous workbook(the not required one), then everything seems to work perfectly. Is there a way to close...
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    Link enables excel opening issue

    I have an link enabled excel workbook, which opened manually gives a pop up to enter credentials to connect to the data source. If the same excel is opened from Blue Prism, it throws a pop up of : Excel has links, if you trust: update or not update pop up. I added an action via code stage to...
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    Open Excel with Analysis for BI Office Launcher using Blue Prism

    Has anyone here tried to Automate an Excel with Analysis for BI Office Launcher? I tried to use the Open Workbook Action under MS Excel VBO but the Analysis Tab is missing. Please let us know if there is any other way to open the file. Thank you!
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    Sending email to specific addresses by attaching specific files from folders

    I have a scenario where I have three complex excel files. Each file has thirty to forty worksheets. Each worksheet in excel has to be saved with it's business center number as file name, in a created folder after some data manipulation. For example. file A has 1,2,3,4,centers, and hence 4files...
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    Filed column doesn't exist error

    Hello, I am getting an error message when using the state in Blue Prism where the data is being read from excel into a collection. There are 30 columns in my spreadsheet and this process works with the first 14 and stops at Column 15. This is the error message I get: 2/18/2020 12:24:59 PM...
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    How to attach Excel (opened by SAP)?

    Hello everyone, is there a way how to attach the excel which gets automatically opened by SAP when robot is saving report as spreadsheet? But the Excel isn't opened within the RPA Excel instance... So far I kill the excel process and open the excel again but it doesn't feel right, especially...
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    KILL process EXCEL action results in warning state

    The Utility Environment - Kill Process action unpredictably ends up in a 'warning' state. The process that is to be killed is Excel. Since this Kill isn't working the only way to exit the warning state is by manually killing the process in the task manager, that apparently gets stuck running in...
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    MS Excel VBO - SaveWorkbookAs

    Hi all, I am currently encountering a problem with the MS Excel VBO - SaveWorkbookAs action. At my client we are in a transition from Win7 to Win10 and I am testing all existing processes and objects. The SaveWorkbookAs action doens't work like it used to on our Win7 resource machine. Nothing...
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    How to get checkboxes value in excel

    Hi all, How to get checkboxes value and their location in excel ? I tried MS Excel VBO::Get Worksheet As Collection,but get noting.
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    OLEDB with Excel

    Hi team, Am using OLEDB with Excel (Office 365). When am giving the connection string, its working fine. But when executing the connection, it shows " Error: db_sec_e_auth_failed(0x80040E4D)" error, Can someone help me on this.