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    Link enables excel opening issue

    I have an link enabled excel workbook, which opened manually gives a pop up to enter credentials to connect to the data source. If the same excel is opened from Blue Prism, it throws a pop up of : Excel has links, if you trust: update or not update pop up. I added an action via code stage to...
  2. S

    AutoFilter - To filter data between two dates

    Hi, I am trying to apply autofilter to one of my date column inorder filter data between two dates. I am using code stage to achieve this, below is the code I am using GetWorkbook(handle,Nothing).Worksheets(sheetName).Activate...
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    Blue Prism - MS Access DB Connectivity and Run Macros with Key-In Parameters

    Hello All, We have a requirement to Run Macros from MS Access DB through Blue Prism. I just want to request you guys to share info on these below questions if anyone worked in a similar case earlier or if they have knowledge on this one. 1. How to connect MS Access DB to BP? Do we need to...
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    Macros - Can you use them across multiple workbooks?

    Hello, I have used macros in Excel before, but in the past they were always used on nice worksheets that had the macros ingrained. I have a different situation now though, and can't seem to wrap my head around it. For setup, I have 2 documents I have created: 1. Data.xlsx (which I am manually...
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    Excel Automation retry logic & best practices

    Hi, I wanted to see if you all had any insight to help me with this excel automation that I'm working on. Essentially I'm trying to open two workbooks and run some macros and then save the workbooks. There are three aspects of the automation that I have questions on and I would appreciate any...