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    Maximizing Automation Potential with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP): Nividous Webinar

    Nividous presents a live webinar on how to maximize automation potential with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). You will learn how to use IDP that combines the power of AI technologies-such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, & Machine Learning (ML)-to efficiently capture both...
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    A Leading Bank Uses Nividous RPA Bots to Automate its Trade Finance Operations

    A Nividous RPA solution automates the daily closure process for letters of credit and provides a friction less trade finance experience. The RPA Bots enabled process automation improves data accuracy, audit ability, and process visibility. Download the case study and learn more about the...
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    Nividous Webinar - Robotic Process Automation in the Insurance Industry

    According to research conducted by Accenture, ‘Unleashing the potential of intelligent solutions could yield a $10- to $20-billion profit boost for the North American insurance sector.’ If we talk about Life Insurance specifically, according to KPMG, ‘India alone books about 360 million life...
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    Nividous Webinar on Power of RPA with Blockchain technology | September 19th | 11.00 AM EDT

    RPA can seamlessly interact with end-users and systems while automating repetitive, and high-volume processes, whereas Blockchain technology provides a trusted transaction processing back-end for improved audit and compliance. Join this webinar to learn: Basics of RPA and Blockchain...
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    Nividous IBM Business Automation Workflow Platform Implementation Datasheet

    Many organizations that choose IBM’s business automation workflow platform to address their business process challenges have concerns related to its implementation and integration with the organization’s overall strategy. Download the datasheet to understand Nividous’ unique implementation...
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    Data Sheet Robotic Process Automation – Nividous RPA

    Nividous also has a RPA Quick Start program which allows companies to jump-start their program quickly and for a nominal fixed cost. This program also helps to deal with one of the major problems that derails RPA programs, WHERE TO START! The Nividous team meets with stakeholders using a proven...