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    How to add bullets in email body for new line?

    I want to send an email using MS Outlook Email VBO. below is the calculation stage and result- But I want to add bullets for items list as shown below- Can anybody suggest how to do that? Thanks in advance.
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    Locate element by css attribute (RPA Web)

    Hi, I have been tasked to automated a webpage testing procedure. (Feels more like QA than RPA if you ask me). I managed to spy the website and get it to work, but I feel my solution is very unstable and I hate having unstable solution... I noticed in the html of the website the following tag...
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    BOT using 2 users on WebApp with SSO Enabled

    Hi All, I am new to BP and I have build a bot which creates jobs as one user and then with another user it approves it. However this web application uses SSO on Prod Environment. With SSO, I will get only one user with which this bot is running. And I have to run create and approve tasks with...
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    [blue prism]When HTML structure is not Datatable, how to scrape one page of the information

    Below, I would like to get one page of component information described in BluePrismDX official URL. https://digitalexchange.blueprism.com/dx/search?page=1 Please tell me what I can do for that. The HTML structure is not a table, but a div structure using bootstrap. For example, I want to...
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    How do we connect or integrate AI or ML to RPA?

    How do we connect or integrate AI or ML to RPA? Please suugest
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    Removing sensitive content from PDFs

    1)PDF file has abc@gmail.com, we should hide ***@gmail.com 2)We should also hide URL's 3)Company logo What procedure we have to use to implement this in blueprism?
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    Excel Update using OLEDB

    Hello All I am working on updating the excel using oledb query it is working for other cells but for one cell updation it is giving error as "Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: No value given for one or more required parameter" Connection string ...
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    Text Analysis

    Hello below attachment i have mentioned two email formats. now, how to get or separate Date,container number and from & to address location names.is there any script to structure this text. please help me out this. Thanks In Advance
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    Blue Prism Can't write into SAP field

    Hi, I'm having issues with my write and navigate actions in SAP. Yes, the settings for scripting and accessibility are fine. Also the server side is checked. I can read the text field but that is the only action that it allows me to do. I can only spy it in SAP SPY MODE the other option can't...
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    How to Access Exposed BluePrism Webservices from a node js client from outside.

    Hi All, i have created a blueprism process and exposed it as a webservice. So everything is working fine and i can see this webservice using below address format. /ws/[processname].wsdl']http://[machinename]:8181/ws/[processname].wsdl So i could run a node js client application and was able...
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    Can I get Blue Prism to read search engine results based off key terms?

    Hi all, I am a Blue Prism novice and need help! I am searching on some key terms in Google - when the first page results open, I want to have Blue Prism pick out the link titles which have "Key Term 1" and "Key Term 2" in the titles, then open the links. Meaning that, there could be a handful...
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    Read Smart quotes from PDF in data variable using C#, in code stage of blue prism

    I am working with Blue prism, I am using c# code stage to read the PDF using itextfile dll, I get all the text except the smart quotes text for example “the Bank”. How can I read this all text including smart quotes in string variable?
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    Outlook with Mapiex- Reading email Body

    I am reading email body which contains table with the help of MapieX and was doing some different steps on the content of email body. The problem i am facing now is that, when i wrote the process/logic the tabular content was splitted by TAB and now i have moved my code to different machine and...
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    Citrix application not activating

    Hello Experts, I am not able to activate citrix application in Dev machine. I tried focus, Activate, Restore but none of them working. It was working fine in VICS but not working in Dev VM. When I activate the application it blinks in task bar but does not appear in front. Any suggestion?
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    Blue Prism How to Learn Blue prism? Blue prism tutorial material?

    Please follow below link. http://www.rpatutorial.com
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    Blue Prism / CyberArk Integration

    Hi, Could you please suggest/provide the guidelines of the existing blueprism process with CyberArk integration? Thanks, YS
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    The Future in Blue Prism Automation Tool

    Introduction We witness many processes daily. Some processes like the functionality in a call center, attending to user resolutions, welcome services at the restaurant and delivery of items ordered online. Few employ the latest innovations in technology that involves continuous lines of code...