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    SAP Automation Target application could not be identified

    My SAP automation works fine except one step. Process can attach page1 then click button for open page2. When page2 popup apperar blue prism cant attach page2. I use one session. I try everyhing. I run step by step process work fine. That process step doesn't work only production environment...
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    Solved SAP Session Handling

    Hi, I'm building a robot with BP 6.5 that needs to open, manage and close three SAP sessions not at the same time. Different transactions are invoked for each session. Opening with CTRL + works fine. However, when the robot switches from one session to another to insert the transaction, it...
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    Can't select item in SAP using Code stage

    Hi, I am using SAP for a use case where I need to highlight a row and press a button. However, when I tried to use the SAP mode to spy this row that I need to highlight, it's unable to select that row as a unique element. Please refer to the image. I used the code stage (used SAPs built in...
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    Blue Prism Can't write into SAP field

    Hi, I'm having issues with my write and navigate actions in SAP. Yes, the settings for scripting and accessibility are fine. Also the server side is checked. I can read the text field but that is the only action that it allows me to do. I can only spy it in SAP SPY MODE the other option can't...
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    SAP GUI - SAP Mode Invocation Issues

    Hi, I have been working with SAP and Blue Prism for 18 months, but there are some issues that have been presented over the last few months. I am unable to log in to the SAP via the GUI, as when I select an instance to log in with, none of the elements (client field, user name field, password...