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    MS Outlook VBO works in dev, but doesn't work in PROD (Runtime) machine

    Hello all, I have a machine to develop Blue prism workflow and for this one when I run MS Outlook VBO to send e-mail, it works sucessfully. However, when I run the same code stage in the Runtime machine, it doesn't work. It says "Could not run the object because one of the code stages has a...
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    Issue with sending email with attachment in Blue Prism

    I am trying to send send an email with attachment in blue prism, I am getting following error "Internal : Collection fields are defined but cannot be matched to the incoming collection - The collection definition does not contain the field path" in Send Email stage. Could you please help to...
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    Excel VBA Macro for Sending Mails in Blue Prism through Outlook (To, CC, BCC, HtmlBody & Email Attach)

    'Paste this on Visual Basic IDE of Excel Developer Mode (I used MS Excel 2016) then add it through MS Excel VBO as Macro for your Email Automation in Blue Prism using Outlook. 'You are required to create a configuration file where you insert details Sub SendEmail() 'Sends the outlook email...
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    How to create a PEC email through BluePrism

    Hello, i need to create a BP bot able to interact with a PEC email provider, in order to create and send one to an Appian process. Do i have to build a VBO and or a process from scratch to do this? Is there another way already built? Many thanks for help.
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    How to send Email with Mapiex listing different variables in the Email body

    Hello, I need to build a process in Blueprism to read and extract some fields from a given SQL Server 2016 table (employee names, tasks assigned to any of them, task deadlines, email addresses) and generate one email via MapiEx for every employee which contains, stictly in the email body, his...