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    BP v6.4 Browser Spy Mode - Chrome

    Hi All, When I use the Browser spy mode in Google Chrome, I am able to identify the search bar in the website (finance.yahoo.com). When I try and highlight it the following error pops out "Error - Highlighting results - No matching Web elements found". With the UI spy mode it works, but it...
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    Cant Perform Action on Spyed Elements.

    Hi Everyone, First of I would like to thank the Community members for having such a great Forum for RPA(Found some helpful solutions here). I am having a issue with Blue prism when Automating a web application in Google Chrome. I cannot perform a Mouse click action on a Spyed element, the...
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    Error while trying to spy Java application

    Hello all, I have following error when I try to spy Java custom app: System.ApplicationException: External AppMan reader thread exited before response from query at BluePrism.AMI.clsAMI.Spy(clsElementTypeInfo& elementType, List`1& identifiers) at...
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    Interacting with SAP Top Menu Bar

    Hi, all! I am automating SAP processes using Blue Prism. Some scripts I am making require interaction with SAP's top menu. The top menu bar of SAP that often displays options such as Menu, Settings, Edit, etc. (shown in picture). For some scripts I can get away with using F-commands, but...
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    Blue Prism cannot spy ALM 12.21

    Can anyone help me on how to work with ALM 12.21 (Web Based) using Blue Prism? I have basically tried the 4 different spying methods but BP can only see the ALM page as a whole, not identifying any buttons or modules inside ALM. Any known workarounds for this?
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    Solved RPA Get name stored from a cell in a website into a text data item

    My project involves checking the data status in terms of date from a website. Here is the sample (the info source is confidential that's why I covered it but each cell in that column contains a unique value) The text I'd like to store in a data item is the highlighted one. My problem is that...