About Dropdown not working for Website.

I am trying to get Dropdown values from XeCurrency Converter Website https://www.xe.com/ using Blue Prism. I have tried with Surface Automation Region Mode and Web Browser Automation using HTML Mode. But I am not able to get Proper Values in From Currency And To Currency and Dropdown is not working. Please Suggest some Solution and Video for Spying and Getting Dropdown Values into Code. I am getting output as shown below.


Hi Rohit,

After a lot of trial and error with the XeCurrency Converter Website, I managed to automate it by using

1) UI mode to spy the Amount Textbox :
used write stage and observed that value is persisted
2) Region mode to spy From and To dropdown:
used Navigate stage : 1)Global mouse click centre "LEFT" 2) Global send keys [FROM]&"{ENTER}"... similar navigate stage for providing Input for To currency
3) Result and GO button using HTML mode.

can you please try the above steps and check
Hi @prasannakumar905 , please add some small delay so that the keystrokes are entered/captured correctly. You can do this by introducing 0.5 sec in input to Global send keys under "Interval" so slight delay can be introduced. Also for the solution to be robust and considering the speed of the target application we can add timestamp which can add slight delay between the steps of navigate stage. Please see the image. The BluePrism version I am using in version 6