Assign values to rows of a new column of a collection

Hello friends,

how is it possible to assign values to rows of an added new column to a collection?
For example I have this situation:

Data di reg. Conto contropartita Definizione conto contropartita Importo in divisa interna Mese
01/08/2019 3602B12000 *********************** **************** 08
02/08/2019 3602B1202929 *********************** **************** 08
02/08/2019 3602B120eduie *********************** **************** 08
For example in my case I have added to the original collection the column "Mese" and I need to assign the month numeric value corresponding to the date in the "Data di reg." column.
How to do that in BluePrism?
Thank you so much,
Hello Camilla

it's quite easy task.
1) Use Utility - Collection Manipulation Business Object and Append Field action for add new column to your collection. Don't forget save your new collection in output tab (you can use the same collection)
2) Use Loop (For Each Loop) and fill new column for each of rows one by one.