Attach Application Problem

I'm new here. I'm learning how to use Blue Prism by reading the relative documentation and I got a problem. I've created a Process that launches a .exe and do some things. Once the .exe is opened, the Process "calls" a Business Object, in the following image:
View attachment 1541676187218.png . The attach page is as shown here: View attachment 1541676401301.png . The problem is that, even if the .exe is running the Read Stage returns false, like and couldn't attach. This is the Read Stage: View attachment 1541676489151.png . What did I do wrong?


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Hi Daesos,

What is the button text shown at the top, next to the Application Modeller button when the diagram hits the Reader stage?
Does it show Launch, Attach or Detach? You can right click and put a breakpoint on the Reader stage and check. But you need to check when the orange mark is on the Reader stage ie; when the running process stops on the Reader stage breakpoint.
Also can you show where the Reader stage in your entire diagram. When is it called? Is it after the one that you showed in the first screenshot.
I actually haven't created the Business Object I'm working on. The button next to AM says Attach (and not Launch). The second screenshoot I've posted is the one you're looking for. It is called in the beginning.


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The button next to AM says Attach (and not Launch)
If the button shows Attach when at the Reader stage then it means that the application is not attached and hence the Reader is returning a False. If it had shown Detach then it would mean that it is already Attached.