Automation servicenow tool

Hello Everyone,
i got an error while automating service now tool i am trying to launch the running browser it was unable to launch and throwing an error not connected
so i got skiped i completed the rest of the part now i am launching the browser manually and object is working fine so i need to schedule the bot so i need to call the object in process so i need to launch the browser can any one help me in sorting of these issue
If the browser is already running, you don't need to launch it again. Instead, attach to it.

Secondly, in general, if the process is continuing after getting an error, and you don't want it to continue under the error state, then check your error handling. Let's use a missing file as a general example that you can apply to any similar error where you don't want to continue after getting an error. In such situations, it is often advisable to retry the step to see if the automation continues to get the error. Let's say you're trying to load the contents of an Excel input file into a work queue and you're getting a file does not exist error on a Load to Queue stage. Put an exception block around the stage, and add a Recover stage that goes to some retry logic. Include a retry counter so that you can avoid an infinite loop. The retry logic should include a retry counter, which you test against a data item containing a retry limit, within the retry loop. On this test (decision stage), use a calculation like [Retry Counter] < [Retry Limit]. Link the yes path to the Load to Queue stage and the no path to an exception. Now, when the file is missing it will retry <retry limit> times and if it still is an error after <retry limit> times, it will throw an exception. This is a general example for error retries. I recommend that you consult the Error Handling guide on the BP Portal for a full discussion on proper error handling.