basic blue prism email login object


Endeavoring to learn essential blue crystal. I have made a question login to my gmail account.

It enters the page where mail id must be entered. The email id gets entered and the following page shows up where the watchword must be entered. Yet, in the essayist instrument it demonstrates the accompanying message : "Inside : Failed to perform stage 1 in Write Stage 'Writer2' on page 'Initialise' - No components coordinate the provided inquiry terms"

I investigated all the most clear bugs and I cannot discover anything incorrectly. Would someone be able to please give any proposals with reference to what the issue could be?



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Hi sreeram,

I guess you are designing the diagram in the Initialise page based on the below error message.
"Inside : Failed to perform stage 1 in Write Stage 'Writer2' on page 'Initialise'

Initialize and cleanup are the default pages in object studio. Initialize is to perform some initializing variables automatically after object is loaded.
Can you try doing the same in any of the other pages.