Blue Prism : Read process password in (multiple) objects

I am trying to have a few passwords, stored on a main page in a process, read by one or more pages in an object.
I know this has to be set up through input /output , but i do not seem to manage to get it done? What 's the catch on this one?
Currently i set up all my password data in the end stage of the property with similar name. Now i have to import this in the start of the object, but how do i find the reference? Many thanks !


Wait let me understand this clear.
So you have some credentials in the main page of the process and that credentials has to be used in object too. if this is so, then go to object give the input parameters and then call that object's action in the process. Now open that action stage and you will find the input/output parameters which you have defined in the object before. Pass the passwords there and it works.

From the image attached by you i can see you are sending the parameters for end stage of the main process which is wrong. Calling Process/object shouldn't have the parameters while called object/process should have.

Hope this is clear.... :)