Blue Prism - Select dropdown State using Global Send Keys

Use case: I get two character long State name (e.g AL, CA). I suppose to select web page based dropdown which has items like "AL- Alabama".

Can I select dropdown item using Global send keys or events, by passing characters? Yes then How?
(may be sending initial 2 letters of state, should select proper dropdown item)

I known alternative solution could be keeping collection with all state values and fetching them through filtering it.

I am relatively new to blue prism. any pointers will be helpful. I went through the documentation and
You should be able to spy the dropdown and use "item value" passed in to select the right one. Use developer tools in IE, select the dropdown and you should be able to see what I'm talking about.
extract the drop down values in to collection - and pass the dataitem AL . try to find the sting match using sting manipulation . once matched find the position of the value by using counter. Once you know the position you can extract the dropdown value .