Build a BOT to take the list of available resources.

Is there any way to take the list of available resources from control room?

In Production Environment, There will be 'N' number of BOTS will be present in the available resources pool. i want to send an email of that available resources with state before the process starts.

can we able to extracts the results from DB?


The BPAResource table in the database lists all resources and current status, e.g. offline, ready etc.
If you can't access the DB then the only alternative I can think of is automating the blue prism application, I.e. build an object that opens automate.exe, navigate to Control tab and read the resource pane. This will read you the information into a collection which you can then use. Not the most elegant of solutions but might work..
Not sure if this will help or not but there is a url you can enter into your local browser when BP is running that will return the resources and their current status. I can't remember it off hand but if this makes sense at least you can head in the right direction