Copy data from collection to excel


Is there any time efficient way to write collection data into excel? I have some 5000 rows and 25 columns to be copied. (I have already used write collection action & data insert through oledb, former one is taking too much time & in latter one process is abruptly ending giving an error "trying to paste or insert too much data")

As you said there are 5000 rows in collection, it should not bother you, but however split those into 2 or 3 collections and then write to excel serially, it should be done in a faster manner.

Good Luck.

These are the required images. Can't post the collection data as its confidential. But the contents include total 22 of text, number & datetime columns with approximately 5000 rows.

Also I tried it with the original MS Excel VBO & modified Excel VBO as well, both are giving same result.


5000 rows should not cause a problem when writing a collection to Excel using the Excel VBO or OLEDB. There may be memory issues on your bot. Please check with your database admin to see if more memory can be allocated to the bot in question. This is of particular concern if you are running your Runtime Resources (bots) in a virtual configuration. In this scenario, each virtual Runtime Resource is given a portion of the server's memory, and that allocation might need to be adjusted.