Create file name with expression

Hi all,

Can anybody help with this?

I have used File Management VBO to create a folder using the FromatDate and Today(). "C:\Users\Documents\Saved Attach\"&FormatDate(Today(), "ddMMMyy"). This works and creates the folder. "C:\Users\Documents\Saved Attach\06Nov19"

I want to copy *.msg from "C:\Users\Documents\Saved Attach\ to "C:\Users\Documents\Saved Attach\"&FormatDate(Today(), "ddMMMyy") and rename the file uniquename.msg.

Any suggestions the expression I can use with "C:\Users\Documents\Saved Attach\"&FormatDate(Today(), "ddMMMyy")\uniquenameexpression.msg

Hi Kattapug,

If i understood your question clearly, you want to move a file and rename it.

If this is the case use move file option in file management VBO and give source file name under source path and in destination path you can save it with required name.

Hope this helps.

Don't you have the location and name of the file with which it should be saved?

If you know the file name with which it should be saved then you can create an expression like you did above in destination path.