Downloading excel and email attachemts from web application

Hi Team,

I am facing an issue downloading Attachments in web application.

Requirement is : In Excel I have some set of change Request id's every time I will take one by one change request id and enter in web application and click attachments button and download Excel and email attachment's of particular change request id every time attachment Names are different and attachments also change some time's it's containing 3 attachments and some time's it's 2 attachments only. any one help me how can I achieve this.

Here I am attached screenshot of how attachment's will be change please check it out and give the best solution.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Venkatakrishna Telukuntla


I hope you are aware of the "Dynamic Variable" concept in Blue Prism; you will need to spy the first item (any column) in attachment section will do (but I will stick to the first column, first row) and then you will have to find the differential element between first row element and second row element and build the loop to pass on the parameter for BOT to move to the next row.
When BOT can't find the row item; it will exception out and that will be trigger in process layer to get out of the loop.

PS : The only issue I can not solve without accessing the target application is - what if there are handful of attachments due to which you will need to send page down or down arrow to retrieve those records.