Environment Locking in Automation Anywhere


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Could you explain what environment locking is? Havent used BluePrism myself so need some more info please
Hi Gaurav,
As far as I understood the question, your query is the task that is being run in one client should not be available on the other client machine right if that's the case following will be the answer:

If you upload any task to control room then only we can use that task on the other machine using AA. If two clients wants to run same task directly on the control room then it'll not be possible the one who runs it will have the control the next person has to wait until task becomes free or download the task from control room to client machine and the run individually

For version controlled tasks PFA this is obtained from control room user manual page 20

Hope this might have helped you...


Not exactly,

I am using a shared folder and that shared folder has many excel files and when multiple BOTs run simultaneously they should access the file which is not presently in use by another BOT, It should pick another excel file.