Excel - Get paths to linked files

I have a file that is linked to some other files. I need to open all of the linked files, because sometimes they're not updated. How can I do that?

If I could get a collection with the paths to all the linked files, then I can open them and update them with others objects that I already have. In VBA it's something like:

collection = ThisWorkbook.LinkSources(xlExcelLinks)
Is it possible for you to update the main Excel file? Are you always opening the same file? If so, and you are able to update the main Excel file, you can set it to always refresh linked data. In the main Excel file, go to the Data tab (on the ribbon) and select the Connections group of icons. There, find Connection Properties and select Refresh Data when Opening the File. Save the file. This will resolve your problem without you having to open all of the linked files in BP. Whenever the main Excel file is opened from that point onwards, it will automatically refresh all linked data.