Extract Numeric Values from A String

Can anyone tell me how to extract numeric values of a certain length (i.e. greater than or equal to 4 and less than or equal to 7) and assign the values to a list?

I would like to have a variable that could possibly be a long alphanumeric string with multiple lines and multiple number combinations. Have a function that looks at the variable and extracts only the numbers of the specified lengths and assigns them all to a list separated by a delimiter like a pipe of a space.

I have scoured the forums but cannot seem to find anything. Thanks in advance!
I think this is what you are looking for:

Before you can use it you need to know:
1. What regular expressions are and how to write them
2. How to build DLL using Visual Studio
3. How to use DLL in Automation Anywhere

Regex is way to go indeed.
You should have object Utilities - Regex (single line) where you would just write "(\d)" which would filter out what you are looking for.
If there are any special character I recommend watching the full tutorial posted above.
u can use String Operation in Automation Anywhere with function Find.
is have Regular Expression checkbook. if u check it, u can use Java script Regular for check anything u want.
if result as 0 is True else 1 is False.