Having Problems spying elements in Yahoo Finance

For some reason, spying elements in Yahoo Finance page using HTML mode is not working. First it takes too long even to recognize an element. I have changed resolution to 100% as mentioned in other threads when spying doesnt work. But this still did not resolve the issue. I have no problem spying in other websites.
Is there a problem with yahoo site's security? What else can i do to spy the elements on that page. finance.yahoo.com


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Hi PraveenNair,

Can you tell exactly which section or portion of the yahoo finance website you are trying to spy so that I can take a look?
And I hope you are using IE browser to spy using HTML mode?
Hi VJ,
I have to put a stock symbol in the search bar. Then get the HISTORICAL DATA for last ten days for that stock.
I am using IE. My issue is while using HTML mode, its not recognizing the elements on the page correctly and its taking more than 3 minutes to highlight that element. After that when i try to highlight, it doesnt recognize it.
Some of the answers I found was its a resolution problem , that it should be 100%. That also doesnt work.

I can spy most other non-yahoo websites with out too many issues.

let me know what you find.


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Hi PraveenNair,

I am easily able to spy the yahoo finance webpage without any issues.
Also it takes me to the next page showing the stock results.
Refer the attached screenshots.
Make sure you are using the full URL of the website in the Application Wizard for spying the elements - https://finance.yahoo.com



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It has happened to me before that it took forever to spy an HTML element, it is mostly due to a lot of elements and the website being scripted. It always is a good idea to try other spying modes too, like AA.