Hi everybody,

My name is Alain and I work in a french insurance company as chief of project in the finance deparment.
We are planning to use RPA to run some processes and are looking for the most suitable tool.

So I will have many basic questions to ask you...

Alain B.


Staff member
Hi Alain welcome to the forum! If you have any RPA related questions, feel free to ask, and if you need help with picking what the best tool is for your business feel free to message me!
Hi Alain,
Welcome to the forum!. The major 3 RPA tools (i.e., Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and UiPath) are widely used across the Enterprise. Based on your process and landscape of the application we can able suggest you which tool will fit.

Please help with the details of the process and applications which you are going to automate,it will help us guide you.