How to Close Java Window security popup in Automation anywhere?

How to handle java web application alert popup in internet browser in Automation Anywhere?

Java window Popup "Do you want to run this application?" Run button Cancel button

I need to click Run button.
I tried to capture RUN button present on popup with Object cloning, manage window control command but it is not spying. what is the solution?
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I don't recommend image recognition. I have gotten several error when i use image recognition. It is working well a few day then it takes errors(it cant find what you redefine). Maybe image recognition will be good choice at version AA.14.0 :)
Sure, Image Recognition is a rather poor solution but there are not many other options left if you can't object clone the buttons.
I created custom control in Metabot and now it is working for me. "Continue" button created in metabot and used in click it.

IE doesn't work for all times. sometime, it was working. "Currently Active window" is not working.