How to kill task manager process BluePrism

When I try to kill the process from task manager it gives error at initializing stage can any one help me please I am new to Blue prism thanks

error :
Page: Initialise
Stage: Stage1
Type: Error
Action: Validate
Description: Compiler error at top section line 30: Type or namespace definition, or end-of-file expected
Repairable: No

Code :

class MyClass
static void Main() {
Process myProcess = new Process();



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Hi mahatherjoy,

You can make use of the 'Kill Process' action of the Utility Environment VBO to do the same.
In the process name parameter simply give the name of the process without the exe which in your case would be "iexplore".
Adding More Info about Utility Environment VBO .. it would be helpful those who are very new to Blue Brism

This object is packaged as part of the standard Blue Prism install. If you cannot see it as part of your object library - have a look in your Blue Prism VBO folder under Program Files. Go to File and Import VBO file under Program Files -> Blue Prism Folder Import Utility Environment VBO

We can Kill the process using Action by simply mention the process name as per VJR

Thanks to VJR and RPA Forum
If two bots are using say a mainframe application and I kill that process using "Kill Process", does that also kill the one that the other bot was using as well? I only want to kill my process that is hung and not the other one that may be working fine for another bot.