How to maximize my browser window

Hello Team,

I have automated my web application and whenever blueprism launch my browser then sometime it opens in medium size and sometime in maximum large size.

So is there any way by which it should always open in maximize size.
This works most of the time but somehow for the InfoPath 2013, it doesn't seem to work :( I've tried to use the windows key and windows key with but nothing seem to work. I'm currently on Blue Prism 6.4.1. Please help!! Thank you for your help and have a great day!!
Thank you for your response but did you try with InfoPath. I've tried several applications and yes, the windows mode and choose "maximize" will work but not for InfoPath.
Hi jassi_123,

Spy the outside border portion of the browser window in Win32 mode.
This will then give you a Maximise action in the Navigate stage.

View attachment 960
Unfortunately, this is not working for me.

Just to add what I'm trying to achieve here is,
1. I have a window opened with name "Hello world you are the man!"
2. Minimized it and did something else with other opened window named "Trust me you are good" and then closed window named "Trust me you are good"
3. Now, I'm trying to maximise window named "Hello world you are the man!". For this to achieve I'm using win32 mode navigate action, which presents me an option to maximise the window as per the screenshot above, which is not working.

Any thoughts, highly appreciated guys!!