How to merge 3 data item into 1 data item

Hi Need Help.


Im getting data from web. and im getting mm-dd-yyyy. I cant convert it to date because it must be dd-mm-yyyy.

So i do now is split data item into a collection then i get each row in collection into a data item.

I need to merge that three data item into one like [day] - [month] - [year]

What i need to do?

This doesn't answer your specific question, but there is an easier way to format a date without splitting it and reassembling it. You should be able to format the date the way you need it to be formatted regardless of the way the data is formatted when retrieved. For example, if you want to format it as 12/13/2020, use FormatDate([My_Date_Value],"dd-MM-yyyy"). This will work regardless of the format of the value retrieved, ex. 20201213, 2020/12/13, 13/12/2020, 13-12-2020 etc. will all be fomatted as 13-12-2020.

If you still want to split and reassemble, then use a calc stage: [Day]&"-"&[Month]&"-"&[Year].