How to read entire values only a particular column from entire Table collection.

Hi Team,

I am able to read entire table from below website and able to put into a collection by using only path attribute.
Path for reading entire table is : /HTML/BODY(1)/DIV(5)/SECTION(1)/DIV(10)/TABLE(1)

How to read only Name column values and stores in a collection.

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Tried with different paths but nothing seems worked out.

The path for reading individual data from the Name column is : /HTML/BODY(1)/DIV(5)/SECTION(1)/DIV(10)/TABLE(1)/TBODY(1)/TR(1)/TD(4)


It is possible, but I´m not sure that it will be faster then save entire table to collection and remove unneeded cols.

My solution is, create cycle in object studio and read values of column "Name" row after row.

1. Spy cel of wanted col in first row
2. In Appliction Modeller find atribute Path set it as Match and change its Match type as Dynamic
3. Create calculation stage with increasing variable "i" for each loop in cycle
4. Create calculation stage for dynamic path definition as: "/HTML/BODY(1)/DIV(5)/SECTION(1)/DIV(10)/TABLE(1)/TBODY(1)/TR("&&")/TD(4)"
5. Create read stage: Element=spied cel; Params=dynamic path definition; Data=Get HTML Atribute with Value of Atribute Name = "Value";... rest as usual

Maybe somone knows better way hot to read entire column from html table?


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Support for HTML Xpath is not there in the present versions; which when available will add more robustness for identifying and manipulating elements.