How to read xml and store/process data as collection into blue prism?

How to read xml and store/process data as collection into blue prism?
I have very complex xml file to read into blue prism and process that data further into my process/objects.
Please help me by your idea or example to read this attached complex xml into blue prism.


What do you mean example? You just use the default BP VBO to read the whole XML, then write a regular expression to pull the data that you want from it.

I can send process flow tomorrow if that is what you're asking for (?)
The attached xml file has only one set of record. There are might be 800 other records in real time per day. I want to read first whole record as collection based on given xml. how you will store into collection? If I have to read particular value from that records, I am fine but I need to store whole record as collection so i can process it through in queue later.
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Just to be 100% clear,, there is no code involved except for Code Stages in the Actions. You just use the actions shown in step 1 and 2. If you can't figure out step 3 take a look at the following; Collections - Add row, Utility - Collection Manipulation - Read Collection Field and Set Collection Field, Last you also need to use Utility - Regex - Extract Single Value. Do a counter ++ and let it loop your records.

There is nothing more to it. The inputs / outputs you'll have to sort on your own.
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