How to Spy elements in google Chrome using BluePrism

Hi...!! How to spy elements in google chrome using BluePrism Version 5.0.114, I launched the application but identify option is not showing. Hoping for solution. Thanks in advance
if you launched chrome yourself then it might not show the identify button
you must launch the application from the application modeller to identify the components
One thing that can solve this is to download the latest version of Blue Prism, whuc has fully integretade chrome support.
Hi I have 6.2 version, but unable to spy the elements inside the chrome browser.
although outside browser like close minimise etc i am able to spy in accessibility mode.
One thing I have noticed is that Blue Prism with version 6.0 to 6.3 have issue spying Chrome with verison 74.x, but no issue when then Chrome version is 66.x
Thanks But, sadly I can not downgrade the Chrome as it is part of citrix and we meant to work on the same given version which is 74X.

I found one solution but need one more help with that.
In URL /Command line parameter I use --force-renderer-accessibility then it is allowing me to spy the elment but then I am unable to give the launch URL and the use this key word together. I tried both with comma separated, colan separated but no luck.

Any leads?
Attached the screenshot of commandline which i have used now.


To work with chrome you have to install blueprism extension from Google extension then only you can able to spy the elements. Like to get the xpath or path u have to install selenium ide right like wise you have to install blueprism extension

We already installed and it's working perfectly fine.
I have the extension but it is not able to spy any element on the webpage, except for the entire page itself. Does it require some kind of activation? It is able to do identify a few elements in AA or UI mode but then after "Identify"ing the element, it is not able to highlight the same element. So, it doesn't serve the purpose.
Hello Guys,

Chrome is not fully supported with Blueprism and is still doesn't handle Chrome with stability.

In BP v6, the Blueprism tried to assist with Chrome browser by providing a BP Chrome Extension which enables Browser Mode (spying mode- this mode is different than HTML mode and has less attributes)

Now with BP v6, we have 2 ways to work with Chrome (as far as i have explored):

1. Browser Mode Spying (using BP Chrome extension)
2. Active Accessibility (AA) mode (launching Chrome ans Windows Application)

With 1st Approach- Browser Mode Spying (using BP Chrome extension)
a. We have take care of the Chrome Browser versions. Right now till Chrome Version- 72.xxxxx.xx is supported by the Chrome extension plugin, that means, the Browser mode will work, or else the Spying won't highlight anything on chrome page.
b. This methods required strong version control of Chrome browser, if browser gets updated, then the object will fail.
c. There might be instances where few elements on the chrome browser page won't have unique attributes and so it takes a little more time to figure out the attribute matches (as Browser mode is not that comfortable as HTML mode)
d. Sometimes the Browser Mode doesn't work even though version and other things are checked and are correct. In this case, restart your machine :)

With 2nd Approach- Active Accessibility (AA) mode (launching Chrome ans Windows Application)
a. The Chrome browser should be launched as a Windows Application
b. Command line parameters must be provided to activate Active Accessibility. Command line Value below:
c. This approach also has few backdrops
i. Very difficult to get proper attributes due to duplicate attribute values AA mode picks up. Solution here- Use Match Index, Match Reverse mainly
ii. As this is a workaround technique to work with Chrome Browser, the BP tends to fail sometimes to attach to the application even though it is launched using BP. Known solution- Run Login Agent process before running this Chrome browser based process.

These inputs are from my experience with Chrome, not fully concreted with the solutions. Hope this helps the community.