How to Spy elements in google Chrome using BluePrism

Hi...!! How to spy elements in google chrome using BluePrism Version 5.0.114, I launched the application but identify option is not showing. Hoping for solution. Thanks in advance
I had the same problem once, turns out the BP HTML mode wasn't working. So I had to explicitly build a launch page, attach, and then spy the elements.
hi i am using the BP V 6.7 I am trying to spy the XE currency Converter using chrome browser , but i am not able to spy the from currency field , please suggest me an option

I am using the BP V 6.7 to spy ROADS reports, but am not able to spy any elements on the page except for the entire page itself... please help
Blue Prism version 5 does not natively support Chrome. The suggestions above regarding compatibility mode are your best/only options for spying until your organization is able to upgrade to at least version 6.3. We are on version 6.5 in my company, and we have not had any problems spying elements in Chrome.
Hi Team,
Struck in same problem unable to identify single element in Google Chrome with AA and UI mode.
Have applied --force-renderer-accessibility also but it is not working.
It taking complete window.
As per above conversations I come across about some extension and links please share.
Or if some workaround is there please guide.